Survey among geodesy/GIS stakeholders in partner countries


To strengthen the link between societies and GIT education in partner countries, a questionaire survey among GIT stakeholders (private enterprises, government agencies, organizations related to GIT production or applications) has been started. The focus is to find out the needs of GIT specialists and GIT competences in partner countries and their requirements on higher education in the field.

During the Spring 2011, partner country staff together with the project co-ordinator designed a questionaire in English, which is then translated and adapted to Armenian, Ukranian and Moldavian  languages. The questionaire has been sent by email and by post to a number of stakeholders in all 3 partner countries. In Ukraine, the questionaire has also been made available on the local web site of the project and interested stakeholders can answer the questionaire through the web site.

Answers from stakeholders are under processing. A survey report will be prepared in the Autumn 2011.



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Last updated 2011-05-25.