Training course on basic GIS concepts


This training course was given at Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) in the period of April 4-17, 2011. 18 staff members from 7 partner country universities have participated in the training course:

  • Stanislav Safaryan, ASAU, Armenia

  • Tigran Meliksetyan, ASAU, Armenia

  • Nina Manukyan, YSU, Armenia

  • Samvel Nahapetyan, YSU, Armenia

  • Varazdat Hovhannisyan, YSUAC, Amernia

  • Anush Margaryan, YSUAC, Amernia

  • Naira Gyurjyan, YSUAC, Amernia

  • Narine Harutyunyan, YSUAC, Amernia

  • Vasile Grama, TUM, Moldova

  • Livia Nistor-Lopatenco, TUM, Moldova

  • Vitalie Dilan, UST, Moldova

  • Lucia Capatina, UST, Moldova

  • Andrii Cherin, KNUCA, Ukraine

  • Nadiia Lazorenko, KNUCA, Ukraine

  • Lyubov Babiy, LPNU, Ukraine

  • Ihor Kolb, LPNU, Ukraine

  • Yuliya Holubinka, LPNU, Ukraine

  • Mariia Malanchuk, LPNU, Ukraine

Topics of the training course include:

  • GIS overview and components of a GIS map

  • GIS databases and map layouts

  • Map projections and geographic data

  • Querying data and spatial relationships

  • Solving spatial problems with query and analysis

  • Introduction to gvSIG

  • Browsing and symbolizing data in gvSIG

  • gvSIG analysis operations

  • gvSIG extensions

  • group project work

In addition to lectures and laboratory work, course participants have had two study visits to Catalonia Cartographic Institute in Barcelona and Albufera Natural Park Interpretation and Cartography Center.

In connection with the training period, a co-ordinators meeting took place at UPV with participation by the project co-ordinator (Huaan Fan), local co-ordinators and other representatives of partner country universities.


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