Project management meeting in Stockholm


The project management meeting took place in Stockholm on May 25-29, 2011. Meeting participants are partner university administrative officials involved in the GIDEC poroject:

  • Paruyr Efendyan, dean of Faculty of Land Managemnent, ASAU, Armenia

  • Marat Grigoryan, dean of Faculty of Geography and Geology, YSU, Armenia

  • Vladimir Boynagryan, head of department, YSU, Armenia

  • Vardgues Edoyan, vice-rector, YSUAC, Armenia

  • Varazdat Hovhannisyan, local co-ordinator, YSUAC, Armenia

  • Arest Beglaryan, head of department, YSUAC, Armenia

  • Hovsep Petrosyan, director-general, CGC, Armenia

  • Laurentiu Calmutchi, rector, UST, Moldova

  • Livia Nistor-Lopatenco, head of department, TUM, Moldova

  • Olena Gorova, pro-rector, UKNUCA, Ukraine

  • Zoryan Pikh, vice-rector, LPNU, Ukraine

  • Kornyliy Tretyak, dean of Geodesy Faculty, LPNU, Ukraine

Vice-recor of KTH, Ramon Wyss, and dean of Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment (ABE), Stellan Lundström, welcomed all meeting participants and gave introduction about KTH and KTH's development strategy.

The meeting reviewed ongoing project activities with progress report by each partner university. It is confirmed that the English language training course for staff members is proceeding in all partner universities and two intensive training courses (Basic GIS concepts, Modern geodetic equipmnent) have been completed in April and May 2011, respectively. A National Advisory Board has been established in each partner country while questionaire surveys among stakeholders have started in all countries and answers are to be analysed. Partner universities also reported that the GIS Lab at UST has been installed and tendering processes for GIS and geodetic equipment in Armenian and Ukranian universities are completed. It is expected that GIS laboratories will be open during the Summer or in Autumn 2011.

The meeting devoted a lot of time on project management issues. Partnership agreement has been signed between KTH and each partner university. Co-financing has been discussed. The project co-ordinator explained detailed procedures for financial reporting. Finally, the meeting also made plans for the second half of 2011 which include following activities:

  • finalize purchase of GIS and geodetic equipment

  • continue English training course

  • analyze results of questionaire survey and complete a survey report

  • organize an intensive training course on advanced GIS applications for land management, urban planning and environmental analysis

  • start the work of curriculum development and organize a curriculum meeting in Yerevan

Participants also had a one-day study visit to National Land Survey of Sweden on geodetic and GIS production and management.

More photos from the meeting can be found here.

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