Opening of the GIS Laboratory at UST


The GIS Laboratory at Tiraspol State University (UST) consists of 1 server and 10 workstattions with ArcGIS 10 installed. The lab is also equipped with laser printer, scanner, plotter and digital projector.

The opening ceremony of the lab took place on October 17, 2011. Present at the opening ceremony are:

  • Professor Laurentiu Calmutchi, rector of UST, and the deans of the Geography faculty and Biology faculty of UST

  • GIDEC project coordinator Huaan Fan and local Moldovan coordinators Vitalie Dilan and Livia Nistor-Lopatenco

  • about 80 teachers and students from the Geography faculty of UST

  • representatives from Moldovan government agencies (Land relations and cadastre, Civil protection and emergency service, Environment)

  • representative from Municipal Council of Chisinau city

  • representative of Union of Geodesists of Moldova

  • representatives of GIS industry in Moldova (VEC-Trimble, Trimetrica-ESRI, Blom Moldova)

  • representative of NGO "Oikumena" 

  • Moldovan mass media (National TV of Moldova, Radio Moldova)

During the opening ceremony, rector Laurentiu Calmutchi, GIDEC cooridnator and local cooridnator at UST have been separately interviewed by the National TV and radio regarding the Tempus project and the new GIS Laboratory. The interviews were broadcast on TV and radio in the evening of the same day.

After the opening ceremony, the National Advisory Board of Moldova, established by the GIDEC project, had its first official meeting at UST. The following persons attended the meeting:

  1. Radu Bajureanu, vice-minister, Ministry of Environment

  2. Andrei Harea, Civil Protection and Emergency Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs

  3. Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre

  4. Sergiu Iacovlev, Municipal Council of Chisinau

  5. Chiriac Vasile, Union of Geodesists of Moldova

  6. Zagaevschi Veaceslav, "Bloom" Moldova SRL

  7. Voloşin Nicolae , VEC-TRIMBLE

  8. Andrei Iacovlev, Private Enterprise Tanjar-Co”

  9. Huaan Fan, GIDEC project Coordinator

  10. Vitalie Dilan, Local coordinator, UST

  11. Vasile Grama, TUM

Members of the National Advisory Board expressed their support to the GIDEC project and to the Moldovan partner universities (UST and TUM). They also outlined activities at their organizations and their needs and requirements on Moldovan higher education in geodesy and GIS. In particular, some members emphasized the importance to provide students with practical skills and the needs of continuous re-training for geodesy/GIS professionals in working life.

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Last updated 2011-10-22.