Curriculum development


Curriculum development is based on the results of questionaire survey among GIT labour market stakeholders and the needs of the society in Ukraine, Armenia and Moldova. Curriculum development work consists of three tasks:

  • development of a new GIT master program for YSUAC and a new master program in geoinformatics for UST

  • development of new courses at all partner universities

  • development of new teaching materials

Curriculum development work is lead by UPV. For the purpose of working planning, two special curricular meetings have taken place in Yerevan (April 2012) and Chisinau (June 2012). 

Up to September 2012, the following results have been achieved:

  • a preliminary GIT master curriculum for YSUAC

  • a master curriculum in geoinformatics for UST

  • description of contents for 27 new courses.

The new master curricula and new courses will be finalized in the Autumn of 2012. Work for development of new teaching materials will also start.

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Last updated 2012-09-17.