E-learning workshop in Stuttgart

Workpackage 6 of the GIDEC project is on web-based e-learning in the field of geographic information technology. HFT is the leader of this workpackage which will last from September 2012 to October 2013.

A e-learning workshop was organized by HFT in Stuttgart on September 17-23, 2012, for 8 partner country staff:

  • Andrei Iacovlev, TUM

  • Vitalie Dilan, UST

  • Suren Tovmasyan, YSUAC

  • Hovik Sajadyan, ASAU

  • Artak Piloyan, YSU

  • Oleg Drozdiwsky, KNUCA

  • Oleksandr Zayats, LPNU

  • Lucia Capatina, UST

Following HFT staff have given lectures during the workshop:

  • Prof. Dr. Eberhard Gulch, HFT; GIDEC project leader

  • Prof. Dr. Dietrich Schröder, HFT, GIDEC project leader

  • MSc. Detlev Wagner, HFT, GIDEC staff

  • Mr. Florian Bläß, HFT, Computing Center

  • Mr. Lutz Faber, HFT, Computing Center

The workshop has dealt with various topics such as:

  • Introduction to e-learning approaches and the Moodle software package

  • Pedagogical approaches/scenarios for Moodle

  • Experiences at HFT with Moodle

  • Setting up of e-learning server

  • Creation of e-learning materials and organizing of e-learning events

  • Introduction to EduServ and EuroSDR

During the workshop, participants had a study visit to Trimble Geomatics Division in Stuttgart to learn about Trimble's photogrammetry and remote sensing productions as well as online product training. Participants also had a sightseeing in downtown Stuttgart.


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