Project activities


2010.12 Project start-up meeting in Yerevan, Armenia, December 16-19, 2010
2011.01 English language training courses for partner country staff
2011.02 Creation of a National Advisory Board in each partner country
2011.02 Survey among geodesy/GIS stakeholders in partner countries
2011.04 Intensive training course on basic GIS concepts, Valencia, Spain, April 04-17, 2011
2011.05 Intensive training course on modern geodetic equipment, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2011
2011.05 Project management meeting in Stockholm, May 2011
2011.10 Opening of new GIS Laboratory at UST, October 2011
2011.11 Intensive training course on advanced GIS applications, Yerevan, November 2011
2011.11 Opening of three new GIS Laboratories in Armenia, November 2011
2011.12 Opening of new GIS Laboratories at KNUCA and LPNU, December 2011
2012.04 Curirculum development
2012.09 E-learning workshop in Stuttgart, September 17-23, 2012
2012.10 Workshop on pedagogical methods and quality assurance, Stockholm, October 23-26.
2012.12 External evaluation of the project by independent experts, December 10-16.
2013.04 Workshop on modern geodetic concepts in Lviv, Ukraine, April 15-23.
2013.09 Final dissemination conference in Alushta, Ukraine, September 9-13.



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