Project activities


2016.12 Kick-off meeting in Yerevan, Armenia. December 17-22, 2016.
2017.02 Questionnaire survey on innovation and entrepreneurship in partner countries
2017.03 Training of trainers in entrepreneurship, Valencia, Spain
2017.06 Study visit on Swedish innovation systems, Stockholm, Sweden

Workshop on innovation pedagogy, Turku, Finland


Annual PMB meeting, Turku, Finland

2017.10 Opening of 8 innovation centres at partner universities
2017.12 Workshop on innovation competence assessment, Minsk, Belarus
2018.03 Introduce innovation pedagogy and competence assessment at partner universities
2018.04 Workshop on curricular design focusing on competences and learning outcomes, Taraz, Kazakhstan
2018.06 Annual PMB meeting, Brest, Belarus
2018.09 Start of new master courses: "Innovation systems", "Entrepreneurship for engineers"
2018.12 Project review by external experts, Almaty / Tbilisi
2019.01 Start of business development services at innovation centers
2019.01 Announcement of innovation competition
2019.06 Annual PMB meeting, Batumi, Georgia
2019.10 Final dissemination conference


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