Project activities


2014.01 Project kick-off meeting in Prishtina, Kosovo, 27-31 January 2014

Questionnaire surveys among stakeholders and students

2014.04 Training course on GIS concepts and applications, Szekesfehervar, Hungary
2014.05 Development of a master program in geodesy

Creation of the National Advisory Board (NAB)

2014.12 Opening of the Geodesy Laboratory at University of Prishtina, Kosovo
2014.12 Training course on digital mapping and image processing, Prishtina, Kosovo
2015.05 Training course on cadastral information systems, Vilnius, Lithuania
2015.06 Summer school on modern geodetic concepts, Prishtina
2015.10 Start of the new geodesy master program at University of Prishtina
2015.10 Pedagogical and quality assurance workshop, Szekesfehervar, Hungary
2015.11 External evaluation by international experts, Prishtina, Kosovo
2016.02 Pedagogical experiments with PBL, University of Prishtina
2016.06 Course evaluation by students, University of Prishtina
2016.10 Final dissemination conference in Prishtina


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