Training course on cadastral information systems


This training course for Kosovo staff was organized by Vilnius Gediminas Technical University in cooperation with Lithuanian Cadastral Registration Centre. 7 Kosovo staff have participated in the training which took place in Vilnius on May 10-17, 2015:

  1. Fisnik Loshi University of Prishtina

  2. Besim Ajvazi University of Prishtina

  3. Fitore Bajrami University of Prishtina

  4. Ymer Kuka University of Prishtina

  5. Qazim Sinani Kosovo Cadastral Agency

  6. Besim Sylaj Municipality of Istog

  7. Milaim Sylka Geo&Land


The 5-days intensive course covered a wide range of topics on cadastral information systems, such as:

    Concept of cadastral information system, principles and definitions

    Major components of cadastral information system (hardware, software, database and human resources)

    Multipurpose cadastral information system

    Web application and cadastral information system

    Data handling techniques

    Cadastral data acquisition and data integration

    The role of surveyors in cadastre

    Performing of cadastral data analysis

    Modern LA theory and cadastre as engine of LIS

    KCLIS and implementation strategy

    Integrated textual and graphical data through KCLIS

    Quality control of cadastral data, processing and interpretation

    Trends on cadastral information system


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