Development of a master program in geodesy


One of the key component of the MPG project is to develop a new master program in gedoesy and start it at University of Prishtina from autumn of 2015. The development work focuses on the needs and requirements of the Kosovo society, in particular requirements of the geodey labour market partners. The reports from questionnaire survey among geodesy stakeholders and students have provided direct input for this purpose.

A dedicated workshop on curricular development was organized at KTH in Stockholm on May 27-31, 2014. At the workshop, existing geodesy curriculua at MPG partner universities and other universities have been presented. Expersinces from previous Tempus projects are also shared among MPG partners. At the end of the workshop, a draft curriculum for a 2-yera geodesy master program has been developed.

The draft curriculum has been discussed among Kosovo staff and members of the National Advisory Board. In connection with a project management meeting in prishtina on December 7-9, 2014, the draft curriculum has been further analyzed and refined based on input from different sources. The final curriculum has been decided at the projetc management meeting in Vilnius in April 2015. 

The final curriculum can be downloaded here, together with detailed description of each module.

To support start of the new master program, 8 new teaching materials have been planned and currectly are under development:

  Title of teaching matrials Responsible Kosovo staff EU contributor
1 Geodetic reference systems Perparim Ameti Huaan Fan
2 Geospatial databases and data integration Besim Ajvazi Andrea Podor
3 Geovisualization Bashkim Idrizi Andrea Podor
4 Global Navigation Satellite Systems Perparim Ameti Milan Horemuz
5 Geoinformation science & spatial analysis Fisnik Loshi Bela Markus
6 Cadastre information systems Murat Meha Aksamitauska
7 Advanced image processing and remote sensing Bashkim Idrizi Dimitris Kaimaris
8 Engineering surveying Ismail Kabashi Milan Horemuz

Last updated 2015-05-26.