A new Geodesy Laboratory


Modern geodesy education needs start-of-the-art geodetic equipment. On December 8, 2014, the MPG project opened a new Geodesy Laboratory at University of Prishtina (UP).

The opening ceremony of the new lab was attended by representatives from Ministry of Education and Science and National Tempus Office in Kosovo, members of National Advisory Board (NAB), all MPG partner representatives, UP staff and students, other interested partners. National TV and newspapers have covered the ceremony.

The laboratory was established after 9 month preparations. Firstly, the need of geodetic equipment at University of Prishtina is   analysed and priorities are made with respect to the available funds. Technical specifications for the equipment to be purchased are developed. Several tendering processes are then started. After evaluating all tenders, the final winners are selected.

The new Geodesy Laboratory consists of two types of equipment: geodetic hardware/software and computer equipment. The geodetic equipment includes:

   4 Trimble R4 GNSS receivers

   1 Trimble S6 Robotic total station

   1 Trimble S6 Servo total station

   1 Trimble M3 total station

   2 Trimble DiNi digital levels

   8 Trimble automatic levels

   10 Trimble Business Center software licenses

   5 Erdas IMAGINE image processing software licenses

   ArcGIS software licenses for 31 computers

Computer equipment in the Geodesy Laboratory includes.

   1 Fujitzu PC server, with Windows Server 2012

   20 PC work stations, with Windows 8 Professional

   1 HP laser printer

   1 Copy/scan machine

   1 A0 cartographic scanner

   1 Notebook PC


Last updated 2014-12-20.