National Advisory Board


In order to strengthen the cooperation between geodesy educational institutions and geodesy stakeholders, a National Advisory Board (NAB) is formed. NAB will also advise the MPG project and ensure that the new geodesy master program meet the needs and requirements of the society in general and the geodesy labour market in particular. 

NAB consists of the following 7 members:

   Murat Meha, Kosovo Cadastral Agency

   Nora Kelmendi, Cadastrial Office of Prishtina

   Ragip Gjoshi, Ministry of Science and Technology

   Muzafer Qaka, World Bank in Kosovo

   Selatin Ismajli, Gjeo-Gaus Ltd, Kosovo

   Muzafer Mustafa, N.P.P Geo Info, Kosovo

   Driton Haziri, student, University of Prishtina.




NAB had its first meeting on June 12, 2014 where the duties and tasks of NAB members have been defined. On December 8, 2014, NAB and the MPG Project Management Group had a joint meeting in Prishtina.


Last updated 2014-12-20.