Pedagogical and quality assurance workshop


This workshop is organized on 5-9 October, 2015, by University of West Hungary (UWH) in Szekesfehervar. The workshop focuses on Problem-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy and quality assurance in geodesy education. Professor Lorant Foldvary, vice dean of UWH, welcomed workshop participants and gave a short introduction to the host university. The following staff members paticipated in the workshop:

  • Naser Kabashi, University of Pristina (UP), Kosovo

  • Besim Ajvazi, UP

  • Fisnik Loshi, UP

  • Rozafa Basha, UP

  • Darius Popovas, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU), Lithuania

  • Ceslovas Aksamitauskas, VGTU

  • Huaan Fan, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden

  • Lorant Foldvary, UWH

  • Bela Markus, UWH

  • Andrea Podor, UWH

Professor Flor Alvarez from University of Leon (ULE) was invited to the workshop as guest lecturer. She gave a lecture on PBL theory and practices, including ULE's examples of using PBL in teaching GIS, cartography and remote sensing. Bela Markus and Andrea Podor presented UWH's experiences in PBL and also in project-based learning. During group work, Kosovo staff and EU staff together discussed and worked out a plan to run a PBL course at University of Pristina in spring semester 2016. The chosen course for PBL experiment is "Geoinformation science and spatial analysis", with Fisnik Loshi and Besim Ajvazi as responsible teachers. This PBL course will focus on spatial data analysis, with preparatory and complementary lectures and labs. 

In the second part of the workshop, participants presented present quality assurance practices and regulations in Hungary, Sweden, Lithuania and Kosovo. To facilitate systematic, students-led course evaluation at UP, a standard questionaire has been developed. It is planned that from spring semester of 2016, every geodesy course of UP will be evaluated annually by students using the standard questionnaire. Feedbacks from students and staff will be considered to create an action plan for improving teaching and learning in the coming year.

Some workshop presentations can be downloaded below:


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