Western Balkan Summer School on Modern Geodetic Concepts


The Western Balkan Summer School was organized within the framework of the Tempus MPG project. It took place on June 1-5, 2015, at University of Prishtina in Kosovo. Vice rector, Professor Lindita Tahiri, and National Tempus Officer, Ms Remzije Istrefi, attended the opening ceremony of the summer school.


Participants of the summer school include staff members and students of University of Prishtina, staff from other Kosovo geodesy institutions and Albanian Authority for Spatial Information (ASIG) as well. Number of participants for each day varies from 14 to 34. Lecturers of the summer school include geodetic experts from Kosovo, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Albania, Croatia and Bosnia.


The summer school focuses on three specific topics: GNSS, geoid modelling and geodetic reference systems. The school started with theoretical lectures, followed by presentations of geodetic practices in various Balkan countries. The school concluded with a round-table disucssion on the theme"Geodesy in Western Balkan: challenges and opportunities".


Lectures/presentations (mostly PDFs) are listed below and they can be directly downloaded.


Anna Jensen Lectures on GNSS, part 1, part 2
Artu Ellmann Compilation and evaluation of global gravitational models
Stokes-Helmert method for gravity field modelling

Least squares modification of Stokes's formula with additive corrections
Walyeldeen Godah Dedicated satellite gravity missions and determination of temporal variations of geoid heights using GRACE data
Huaan Fan Geodetic refernce systems, an overview with emphasis on current problems
Swedish geodetic infrastructure

3D coordinate transformations
Murat Meha Geodetic infrastructure in Kosovo
Željko Hećimović Geodetic infrastructure in Croatia
Gesim Gjata Development of reference coordinate systems in Albania (in English)
Development of reference coordinate systems in Albania
(in Albanian)
Development of reference coordinate systems in Albania (MSWORD format)
Medzida Mulić Geodetic reference frames in Bosnia and Herzegovina



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