Questionnaire surveys


In order to ensure that the new geodesy master program to be developed by the MPG project can meet the demands and requirements of the society and especially the labour market in Kosovo, a questionnaire survey was conducted among geodesy stakehodlers in Kosovo.

In total, 22 answers have been collected from different types of  geodesy stakeholders (governmental institutions, agencies, public/private companies, as well as international organizations operating in Kosovo)

The survey results show:

-  Most Kosovo geodesy stakeholders are in public actors.

-  Specialists are needed in different geodesy fields, as well as in GIS, cadaster and geospatial infrastructure.

-  Most stakeholders are positive to receive geodesy students for study visits or practices

-  Majority of stakeholders are in need of staff re-training in geodesy, GIS, photogrammetry and remote sensing

-  One stakeholder wishes to split the planned master program into two or three more specialized profiles.



A similar survey was conducted among 51 UP students. Some findings from the survey are:


-   More than half of the surveyed students choose to study geodesy because they were interested in the subject. Only a few of them believe that through their education they will be able to find a job in Kosovo.

-   Majority of students think that existing geodesy program, labs and equipment need to be modernized.

-   Majority of surveyed students like to learn more on GIS and CAD, but not photogrammetry and remote sensing.

-   Majority of surveyed students wish to continue studies after bachelor graduation.

-   Majority have very little knowledge on Bologna Process and ECTS, but wish to be an exchange student.

-   Majority would want to study in geodesy master program if it is offered at the University of Prishtina .

Rozafa Basha has compiled two survey reports which can be downloaded below:

Stakeholder survey report
 Student survey report




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