Project activities


2015.12 Preparations: form project organizations and review project plan
2016.03 Project kick-off meeting in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, March 7-12, 2016

Establish the Internatioal Advisory Board (IAB)

2016.04 Training course on digital mapping and advanced remote sensing, Leon, Spain, April 3-16, 2016
2016.06 Training course on GNSS, Vienna, Austria, June 1-11, 2016

Create Western Balkan Geodesy Database

2016.09 Opening of new Geodesy Laboratories
2016.10 Curricular workshop in Belgrade, October 17-23, 2016
2017.05 Training course on GIS and applications, Tirana, Albania
2017.09 Start of new geodesy programs
2017.10 Training course on modern geodetic concepts, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
2017.11 E-learning and pedagogical workshop, Leon, Spain
2017.12 External evaluation by international experts
2018.03 Quality assurance workshop, Novi Sad, Serbia
2018.09 Final dissemination conference


Last updated 2016-10-20.