Study visits on Swedish innovation systems


This event took place in June 1-10, 2017, hosted by Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. The event aims to introduce partner country staff in Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Kazkahstan on the Swedish national innovation systems. Through lectures and site visits at different organizations, visitors have received first-hand experiences on how national and regional government agencies, universities, science parks and business incubators work together to create a innovation-friendly environmentin sweden to support innovation and new business development.


The visiting programme and list of participants are available for download.


A number of speakers from different Swedish organizations have been invited to give presentations on various topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship in Sweden. These presentations are listed below and they can be downloaded as PDF files.

Henrik Friden, Swedish National Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)

National research and innovation policy
Maria Lindqvist, County Administrative Board of Stockholm Swedish innovation strategies at national and regional levels
Emelie Johansson, KTH Business Liaison Collaboration for innovation
Hans Westlund, Professor of Urban and Regional Studies, KTH Entrepreneurship for regional development
Lisa Ericsson, Head of KTH Innovation Introduction to KTH Innovation: organization and business development model
Terrence Brown, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, KTH Technology-based entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship for engineers
Bruce Lyne, Professor in Industrial management, KTH IPR strategy and the innovation process
Partnering as a means to speed commercialization
Per Thulin, Program Director, KTH KTH’s master programme “Economics of innovation and growth”



Partner country staff have also visited several Swedish institutions working on innovation and entrepreneurship:

KTH Innovation Office Presentation (PDF)
Kista Science City Presentation (PDF)
Business Lab of Stockholm School of Business (SSE) Presentation (PDF)
Uppsala Innovation Centre (UIC) Presentation (PDF)
Startup People of Sweden (SUP46) Presentation (PDF)


Visit to KISTA Science City Presentation by Michael Camitz, UIC


Visit at Stockholm School of Business Excursion to Drottningholm





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