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Quality assurance plan
Dissemination plan
Curricular development
Stakeholders survey report
Curricular development handbook
New teaching materials
List of 30 new teaching materials
1 Geodetic reference systems
2 Nonhomogeneous measurements processing
3 Exercise manual on GRS
4 Geodetic instrument calibration
5 Navigation
6 Active learning in geodesy
7 Geospatial databases
8 Geospatial databases (exercise manual)
9 Basics of geoinformation (exercise manual)
10 GIS and remote sensing
11 GIS and remote sensing (exercise manual)
12 Spatial analysis and spatial planning
13 Spatial analysis and spatial planning (exercise manual)
14 Engineering Geodesy
15 GNSS positioning
16 Advanced GNSS and applications
17 ArcGIS - a step by step application guide
18 Basics of remote sensing
19 Acquisition and processing of aerial photographs and satellite images
20 Planning and management of environment and cultural heritage
21 Geovisualizations
22 Precise HNSS Point Positioning
23 Global geopotential models
24 Laser scanning
25 Research methodology and communication
26 Geoinformatics tutorial
27 Fundamentals of remote sensing and image processing
28 Visualization of geospatial data
29 Geosensor networks
30 GIS in spatial planning



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